Album: Hatin'Em (2012)

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Song: Hatin'Em

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It started when George and Raul were playing reunion shows with Steel Toe Solution. They both got the itch to keep playing. And while STS isn't doing too many shows, they started to talk about a new project. We put the word out and along came Les. An amazing bass player and has been a part of the punk world for years.
Then, Pete, from Turnpike Wrecks and a friend for over 15 years said that he wanted to play. Pete then recruited T.W. drummer Dave and the new band was complete.
George, Raul, and Les already had a few songs written so the first practice went really well. over the next few weeks, we kept writing. The band was getting tighter. the guys really "clicked" as musicians. Then George got a call to play our first show, (with Hub City Stompers) it went great.
So here we are now, We are going to be writing more songs and then start to record them for a CD. We are always looking to play out. So if you want to hear some really good Oi, Hardcore, .... come check us out